The One


Jesus goes after the one. He will never pass up the one person. He knit you in your mother’s womb. You’re chosen, you’re worth it, you’re loved.

A few years ago I was in a season of loneliness. Although, I was never alone. What I didn’t know is what God was about to do in me! God taught me who I am in Him, that I really am His daughter, and that He will never leave or forsake me. He taught me that I only need to lean and depend on Him. He fulfills and meets my every need.

God is a good Father. Sometimes we forget that. A lot of the time I lack spending time with Him, and making Him a priority. He wants to spend time with me more than I do Him, I’m just being honest. The best part is, He’s always waiting for me to come to Him. To talk, cry, laugh, to be honest with God and myself. He just waits with open loving arms and a big huge smile! He loves so deeply.

It reminds me of the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-31).

I really would like to encourage you all to read it for yourselves.

It starts with a man and two sons. The boys ask their father for their inheritance. He divides it evenly, and the younger one gathers all he has and leaves. He spends all he has and ends up in a desperate situation and goes to work, but he begins to starve even though he’s working. So he sets out to go back to his father and work for him and declares himself unworthy to be his son and to become his father’s servant. As soon as his dad sees him returning he runs to him, wraps his arms around him, and kisses him. His son says father I’m not worthy. His dad speaks to his servants and tell them to get his best robe, ring, and a fattened cow, and gives it all to his son who went away and sinned. He says my son was dead in his sin but now he has returned to me and he is alive.

YOU GUYS, this is Jesus and US! It will never matter what we do, NOTHING can separate us from His love. He will always welcome us with open arms and a kiss. He love His kids so much and if you could just see that it would change everything.

This is for the person in the church who is just going through motions of being a christian.
This is for the person who is thinking about just ending their life.
This is for the person who thinks they’re unworthy.
This is for the person who feels unloved.
This is for the person who feels alone.

I can promise you this. The void in your heart your filling with drugs, alcohol, porn, cutting, etc, whatever it is, only Jesus can fill the void. It took me 18 years to realize that and I’ve never regretted letting Jesus in.

To the person reading this:
He loves you more than anything in this world. He will always be there for you. He’s waiting for you to run back to your arms. He’s happy to wait for you, He chose you.

For The One – Jenn Johnson

– Danyelle


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